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The Brand

About | Angelo Jakob was founded in 2016, in Zürich, Switzerland, by Savio Sousa. Part of AJK ‘s vision is to create products with modern design, that are made of high-quality materials and age beautifully over time. We create sneakers and accessories for an urban lifestyle and everyday use.

Values | We are perfectionists, testing and crafting our products to the ultimate detail. We like simplicity and believe that a minimalistic and monochromatic design highlights the high-quality materials we source and the craftsmanship of our Made in Portugal shoes. We want to go beyond fashion and create an authentic lifestyle experience. It’s our way of building and influencing tomorrow.

Production  | Angelo Jakob shoes and accessories are produced in the northern region of Portugal, famous for its multi-generation shoe production family owned factories. We source locally and responsibly, and follow a strict ethical code, making sure our products’ raw materials have less environmental impact, and that the people that work with us are fairly and ethically treated. To ensure this, we hand-pick all our suppliers, and visit their facilities on a regular basis.

Materials | Due to its combination of flexibility and durability over time, we mostly use full grain leather, which is the highest quality and most valued part of the hide. Full grain leathers carry natural markings, that add character and age beautifully over time, just like people.


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    Savio Sousa

    Founder & CEO | Creative Director

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