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    WestMister – the finest socks.

    It is of small great details that this new Brand of Men’s socks is made.

    100% Made in Portugal, WestMister is a new Portuguese Brand of Underwear for Men that aims at promoting the identity of the national product and conquering the most demanding international markets. The irreverence and quality are the main characteristics of our Brand.

    WestMister is created in 2016 by Luís Campos and Vanessa Marques, who have many years of experience in the textile area and are now seeking to combine their know-how with the strong tradition of the textile sector in Portugal. This strong tradition and its recognised capacity and competence in the world make us believe in the potential of our brand.

    By implementing high-quality raw materials (mercerised cotton lisle, Ne 60/2), by the production through the best technical means (200 needles machines, Hand linked toe) and by an unique collection developed by highly skilled designers, we place ourselves in the high-end market segment, which thereby revolutionises national and international trends.

    Moreover, the creation of this brand becomes almost an inescapable consequence of the professional career of Luís Campos. Within a family for several years in the socks industry, Luis was always surrounded by yarns, threads, the panoply of colors and fabrics, the sounds of sewing machines. Since childhood, this was his world, in which he learned much of what he knows today. And so this has become an inevitable passion, materialized now in the form of WestMister, in the form of a high quality product that complements a somewhat neglected market segment in our country.



    We all know that our hands and our ideas have always created great products, from clothing to shoes. In the end, only the socks were missing.

    And the sophisticated man of the new millennium, the man who cherishes the image as the mirror of his personality, excels at the detail. And sometimes the detail makes the difference.

    So why WestMister?

    We want you to feel, at all times of your day, a sophisticated, modern Man ready for any social or professional event, from a business dinner to a brunch among friends.

    That’s the essence of WestMister. The care dedicated to our product, from design to manufacturing, it is the hallmark of our brand. And the goal is to make you feel more comfortable than ever. But always with class and a refreshing touch of boldness. The fabric, the touch, the patterns, the colors, everything breathes dare and elegance.

    Wearing WestMister is to sail along the Mediterranean coast, to take a cappuccino in Milan, to walk in a park in London, to drink wine at Paris’s pavement cafés. And why not a cruise round the Douro River or an afternoon at Chiado?

    Wearing WestMister is to be part of every corner of the world, it is to be at your best in any situation, at any time. Wearing WestMister is to have the world at your feet.

    Because WestMister is not just a name. It is a verb. It is to be genuine, it is to be modern, it is to be master of your own image. And who said we cannot do it with absolute comfort?

    WestMister. High quality. No half measures.

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